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Top 10 Markets for New Residential Construction

September 11_Top 10 Markets for New Construction Image
Industry observers might be a little surprised about the strength of recent housing starts numbers. According to Builder magazine, data released in August shows that housing starts are up a whopping 15.4 percent. The greatest growth can be seen in housing markets that suffered the most during the economic downturn. Here are the current top 10 markets for new residential construction:

  1. Reno, Nevada
  2. Rio Grande Valley, Texas
  3. Southern California
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Chicago, Illinois
  6. Nashville, Tennessee
  7. St. George and Mesquite, Utah
  8. Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida
  9. Charlotte, North Carolina
  10. Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

As the economy and the housing industry continue to recover from the recent downturn, we look forward to seeing growth in housing starts and new construction. Click here to learn more about the recent trends in new residential construction.

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Have You Checked Out Our Latest White Papers?

white papers

We developed two new white papers to educate architects, builders, contractors and engineers on one of the HVAC industry’s most compelling markets.

Our Multifamily White Paper describes the major benefits of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems, how they meet the demands of designing and building multifamily housing and solve HVAC-related challenges specific to these types of constructions. The Geothermal White Paper provides readers with an overview of water-source (geothermal) VRF zoning technology, its advantages compared to conventional systems and best practices and considerations for selection. Both white papers feature real-life case studies of successful applications.

Click here for the Multifamily White Paper and here for the Geothermal White Paper.

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Consumer Testimonial: Hacienda Ja Ja

Gilson Riecken, homeowner of the LEED® Platinum Hacienda Ja Ja in Alamo Heights, Texas, discusses the many advantages of using our VRF Zoning S-Series system in his home. Check it out in the clip below:

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Project Profile: Choctaw General Hospital

Choctaw General Hospital (Choctaw) is the first and only critical access hospital in Choctaw County, Alabama. Meridian, Mississippi-based Rush Health Systems (Rush) first broke ground on the new 74,000-square-foot facility in 2012. The project team decided it could renovate an existing building for the administration portion of the new hospital but the patient care section required a new 44,000-square-foot addition and an HVAC system that could meet the specific needs of the health care environment.

Rush’s Vice President, Chief Resource Officer and Facility Manager Fred Rogers previously installed our Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems in Rush’s flagship hospital and saw $36,000 in savings the first year. After witnessing the benefits of our technology firsthand, Rogers began specifying our technology for all of the critical access hospitals they build: Choctaw being the fifth.

Patient care is the top priority at Choctaw and our VRF zoning systems deliver. The individual zoning and simultaneous cooling and heating capabilities provide each patient with the most precise and comfortable environment possible.

To learn more about the comfort at Choctaw General Hospital, click here.

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ENERGY STAR @ Home Tool Allows Homeowners to Discover Hidden Savings

September 3_ENERGY STAR @ Home

The EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program wants to help homeowners and businesses save money and protect the environment by making smarter energy choices. To help homeowners along, ENERGY STAR has come up with an interactive tool called ENERGY STAR @ home. The tool allows users to navigate a virtual home and click on various rooms to receive tips on how to be mindful about their personal energy usage. The tips include ideas such as checking leaking ducts and weather stripping doors to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. These tips can help homeowners save money on electric bills while maximizing energy efficiency to protect the environment.

Click here to check out the tool and see how to make your home more energy efficient.

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That’s a Wrap! The Novogratz Design Team Completes First LA Remodel

Back in May, we wrote about Cortney and Bob Novogratz’ installation of our ductless zoning systems in their first Los Angeles remodel project in more than 20 years. Today, we’re happy to report that the renovation of this stylish, one-story bungalow is finally complete.

In addition to a new kitchen, bathroom, floors and landscaping, the 1,700-square-foot home now features five of our indoor units. Each unit provides individualized temperature control and has the option of being controlled remotely on a smartphone or tablet through the RedLINK™ Internet Gateway.

We’re thrilled to be involved in such an exciting project, and would like to give a special thank you to Diamond Contractor™ Sirius Mechanical who helped complete the installation. Check out the Novogratz’ blog for more photos of the finished LA remodel.

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Blog Cabin Sweepstakes Gives Homeowners a Chance to Win a Luxury Getaway!

Family Room
DIY Network’s Blog Cabin is not your average building show. Viewers don’t just watch the renovation of a house on television; they participate in the “You Design It, We Build It, You Could Win It!” process. Viewers vote online on the design features and a panel of expert hosts team up to transform the home. Viewers can then enter a sweepstakes to win the home they’ve helped create!

This year’s home was a 1920s bungalow overlooking Lake Hamilton, Florida. The house had water damage, outdated furniture and an aging furnace system. Project manager Dylan Eastman worked to incorporate the house’s original architecture and materials in the renovation while opening up the space and upgrading the technology. The HVAC system was upgraded to a Mitsubishi Electric M-Series system. This allows the home to retain its charming touches, but transforming into a comfortable and modern space.

Click here to see the home’s dramatic transformation and click here for a chance to make it yours!

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Distributor News: The Wholesaler Interviews Mingledorff’s

August 21
Mingledorff’s, Norcross, Georgia, is the Southeast’s largest independent wholesale HVAC distributor and one of our most loyal and long-standing distributors. The Wholesaler recently gave kudos to the company that celebrates 75 years in business this year, and featured Mingledorff’s on the cover of its July issue along with an exclusive interview with its leadership team inside.

Mingledorff’s began when a contractor installed the first air-conditioning unit in Savannah, Georgia, and has evolved into a $315 million company with 33 branches in five states. The company, who has carried our HVAC solutions for the past 25 years, believes that top-notch products and superior service are keys to its success. “Some things are worth preserving, and over the years, we’ve done a good job figuring out what to preserve and what to change,” said Bud Mingledorff, chairman of Mingledorff’s, Inc.

We congratulate Mingledorff’s on its worthy recognition, and look forward to the next 25 years of this partnership. To read the full feature in The Wholesaler, click here.

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The Most & Least Energy Expensive States

August 19_Most and Least Expensive States For Energy Costs ImageEver wonder the energy cost differentials between state lines? Differences in energy prices can have a big impact on monthly costs for homes and businesses. ECOBUILDING Pulse recently released an interactive heat map of the U.S., which shows where each state falls in terms of total energy costs. The map ranks the states based on the monthly energy consumption averages and the electricity, natural gas and fuel costs recorded in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s 2012 Electric Sales, Revenue, and Average Price and WalletHub’s Most and Least Energy Expensive States reports.

Colorado, Washington state and Montana currently lead the nation in lowest total energy costs. New England states are some of the most expensive and Hawaii has some of the highest energy costs in the country, landing in the lists of top five states with the highest electricity and natural gas prices.

You may be surprised by the drastic differences in energy costs from state to state. The report shows that electricity costs four times more in some states than others, and natural gas costs nearly six times more in Hawaii (the most energy expensive state) than in Colorado (the state with the lowest energy costs).

To find out how your state matches up, click here.

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Keep an Eye Out for Our Newest Ad!

We recently rolled out a nine-month-long print trade ad campaign highlighting installations that feature our industry-leading Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning technology. The ads highlight VRF zoning’s unique solutions for solving difficult design challenges in urban areas throughout the country. Our newest print ad features Chandler City Hall, Chandler, Arizona, a five-building, 137,000-square-foot civic center that needed the perfect HVAC system to provide critical cooling for the building’s server rooms and data closets. The center became one of only 24 city halls in the U.S. to receive LEED® Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council after the installation of our VRF zoning systems.

Look for the ads in upcoming issues of ARCHITECT magazine. Click here to learn more about Chandler City Hall.

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